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Loving your skin isn't vanity, it's sanity

Image by Anthony Tran

EXPRESS 30mins | £30

Give your skin a boost of vitamins rich ingredients to help recharge and visibly brightening your complexion. 

OCHA 60mins | £50

Anti-oxidant Japanese tea and soothing lavender extract organic facial rejuvenates and quenches dehydrated thirsty skin. Perfect for normal to dry and dehydrated skin.

LEMONGRASS and MANDARIN 60mins | £50

Antiseptic lemongrass and restorative mandarin facial for oily and combination skins to help balance oil production, tackle blemishes for a fresh clearer skin.

ULTRA-CALMING 60mins | £50

Deeply soothing and calming facial for highly sensitive skin, packed with anti-oxidant to revitalise and repair the skin.


REJUVENATE 75mins | £60

Reduce signs of ageing, wrinkles and sun damage with this super-charged rejuvenating facial. Packed full of beautiful blends of organic products to help combat the effects of free radical and ageing. Your skin will look and feel visibly smoothed and youthful.

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