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You are one massage away from a good day


Back, neck shoulder 30/45mins | £30/£40
A choice between Aromatherapy, Deep Tissue or Swedish massage to ease away buildup tension and promote relaxation. 
AROMATHERAPY 60/90mins | £50/£70
Designed using the power of essential oils to help revitalise, rebalance and to ease away tension and relieve stress to promote a better state of wellbeing.
DEEP TISSUE 60/90mins | £50/£70
Focuses on the deeper layer of muscle tissue by using deeper pressure to release chronic muscle tension
SWEDISH 60/90mins | £50/£70
Special techniques use during this treatment will help target superficial muscle by increasing blood circulation to reduce pain, stress and stiffness. 

PREGNANCY 60/90mins | £50/£70

A relaxing and rejuvenating treatment with a focus on healing and body restoration. Pregnancy massage provides a period of deep rest, helps to ease out those aches and pains and offers a chance for the expectant mummy to integrate the inevitable physical and emotional changes that take place as baby develops. 


HOT STONE 30/45/90mins | £35/£45/£75
Heated basalt stones use to relax away muscle tension and strains. Stimulate energy flow while soothing body and mind with this heavenly massage using the warmth of the heated stones to ease every tension.
LA STONE THERAPY 30/45/90mins | £40/£50/£80
La Stone is nurturing, healing and invigorating to the body, mind and spirit. Combines massage with the use of smooth hot basalt lava stones and chilled marble stones. The hot and cold stones encourage blood flow through the muscle tissues which flushes toxins and triggers the body’s self healing mechanisms.

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